How to fix the Diablo 3 crafted gem auction house bug

Like I mentioned yesterday, there’s a bug on the auction house that makes posting crafted gems (like lvl9 and above) impossible. The gems show up in your auctions, but don’t show up on searches and people aren’t able to buy them. Luckily, after a day of trying this and that, I found a way to fix the problem.


Here’s what you do:

Step 1 – Buy cheap items with 2 sockets on the auction house

Look for something like “Armor”, “Chest Armor”, “Level 20″, “Magic” and “Has Socket – 2″ and sort by Buyout. Somewhere around page 30 you should find cheap items with sockets. Buy them, send them to your stash and create a game.

Step 2 – Put the gems into the items

Take the items, put 2 gems into them and pay your friendly neighborhood blacksmith a visit. If you have more than two gems of the same type you’ll need to get all of them into sockets before you start salvaging.

Step 3 – Salvage the items

Gems are automatically removed and placed in your inventory, if you salvage an item.

Step 4 – Profit

Congratulations! You beat the Diablo 3 gem bug! You can now put the gems on the auction house. I tested this with Flawless Square Rubies and it worked. Sold them within minutes.

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(Edit 1: After a few people having problems with this I tested a little more. This workaround only seems to work if you use two gems of the same type in an armor with two sockets)

(Edit 2: If you have a stack of more than 2 gems, you’ll have to “hide” all of them in items, before you start salvaging them. If you have some leftovers in your inventory, the whole thing will still be broken)

16 thoughts on “How to fix the Diablo 3 crafted gem auction house bug

  1. You’re right. Retested it and it just worked with the original setup. I had 2 gems in a two slot item. Would you mind trying it with that? Modified the guide accordingly. Tested that setup multiple times (with Perfect Square Rubies) and it fixed it every time. Verified by other players with the same problem, too.

  2. Glad to hear. :) In regards to reposting the gems: Didn’t happen to mine. Was able to quickly relist them. Maybe you didn’t “refresh” all your gems and the system tries to take the ones that are still broken? Just an idea.

    • Hey man. Glad you got it to work. Read through the post and it looks like another thing to watch for is that you “hide” all your gems of the same type before you start salvaging them. Modified the guide, thanks for the feedback, although I’m a lil’ bummed I wasn’t the first one to find the workaround.

  3. Hey just wanted to tell you that I think this worked. I managed to sell my Perfect Square Rubies after it failed for an entire day. Really appreciate you posting this.

  4. I tried this, and still waiting and gems are bugged, I´m losing like 60 K´s for this shit… Any other advice?


  5. You following the instructions to the tee? You have to do it exactly the way I described, or else it won’t work. Important things are:

    1) Have 2 gems of the same kind
    2) Buy an armor with exactly two sockets
    3) Socket all your gems into items, if you got more than two

    This will not work if:

    1) You only got one gem
    2) You got armor with more or less than two sockets
    3) You keep gems of the same kind in your inventory, before or after you salvage the stuff

  6. Does this still work after the maintenance patch? I tried it with 2 perfect squares today and they aren’t selling..

  7. Here’s how I get it to work 100% of the time:
    – Put all your gems in your Stash (not your bag)
    – Put the 2 gems you want to fix in to your bag
    – Pull the 2-socket item you’re going to use in your bag. Do NOT socket the gems yet.
    – Walk away until the stash window closes and go to the blacksmith. Socket your gems.
    – Salvage the item while making sure there are no other gems in your bag at this time
    – Go to the auction house. Select the gems in your inventory, and even though it’s a stack of 2 gems, select a quantity of 1 to put up for sale. Then put up the next one for sale also as a single item.
    – At this point you can cancel/repost them as a stack if you want.

    Many of those steps are probably not required but it seems to be what works for me 100% of the time.

    • Cool. Listen to what the man’s sayin’, guys. Thanks for sharing, Socius. Hopefully this won’t be necessary soon.

  8. Unfortunately this does not work anymore since patch 2.0b Blizzard really doesn’t want you to sell your crafted jewels!

    • Ok. That’s unfortunate. Gonna test and try a little tomorrow and see if I can find a different workaround. Thanks for the feedback.

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