Bidding – Three ways to do it in Diablo 3

I’ve talked a lot about flips in every color and form the last weeks. Today we’re gonna focus on one of the most essential parts of flipping. Getting product to actually flip. If you just buy out stuff, you limit yourself. If you’re serious about flipping, sooner or later, you’ll have to get into bidding. And there’re different ways to do it, all having their own pros and cons. Let’s check them out:

I – Mass Bidding

The easiest way to do it. You decide which items you want, you set a limit you want to pay for them and you go in there and you bid your max bid on every single item you find. Before you’re at the end of your funds, a few hundred bids will have returned to you and you go on bidding on even more items. You’re going for mass, not class. You’ll get outbid a lot, but when you check your account in the morning, there’ll be a stack of items for you to flip and keep you going.

II – Bid Sniping

Especially useful if you’re flipping high value items or looking for upgrades. You look up the items, note down when they’re going to end, set yourself an alarm for that time and you come in at the last seconds of the auction and bid what you wanna pay for it. That way, you give your competition the smallest chance to grab the item. They won’t be alerted by someone else bidding on the item and the price won’t go through the roof. That’s a lot of work. Jotting down items, setting up an alarm – all that stuff takes time. And there’s a decent chance the item will be far above what you’re willing to pay, once you return to the scene. But it can be worth it.

III – Bid Tagging

A combination of the first two methods. Instead of potentially pushing the bid to a point where it’s too expensive for you, you just bid the minimum amount, to make it show up in your bid window. Ideally, you note down your planned max bid. Then, a few moments before the auction runs out, you come back and try to snipe it. I prefer this method for items in the few hundred thousands region. For smaller items, it’s just not worth it.

So there you have it. By now you should be able to decide which bidding strategy is the right one for which situation and apply them appropriately. Do you use a different strategy? Did I forget something? How is the auction house treating you? Leave me a comment.

How to successfully waste money with Blacksmithing in Diablo 3

You got too much gold, too many crafting mats lying around and wonder how you can get rid of them as fast as possible without any chance of profit? Of course you can always just throw it on the ground (well actually you can’t, but I’m sure you get the image), but it’s much more fun to waste it while thinking you got a chance to make it back. Enter: Haedrig Eamon, the blacksmith. Here’s what you do:

I – Level up your Blacksmith

Level your blacksmith to max level. It’ll net you a nice achievement and cost you a good bunch of gold, pages and tomes.

II – Visit the auction house

There’re a few one-hand weapons available to you. You want one that offers six affix rolls. Not cause they offer the highest chance of actually giving you a few useful stats on your weapons, but because those are the most expensive
ones. Right now a sword seems the best option. It doesn’t only offer the fastest attack speed, but is about twice as expensive as the other weapons.

III – Craft

Log onto one of your mule characters and create as much swords as you can. If you have more gold than base material, buy some more on the auction house. The more swords you build, the higher your chance’ll be to get a roll that allows you to sell the sword for a tenth of what you paid to build it. Probability and stuff.

IV – No profit

You got it! By now you should’ve burnt several million gold to see, if crafting six affix items to get rich in Diablo 3 is viable and you can – through your test data alone – be absolutely sure, that it’s not.

So yes dear diary, that’s how I spent the first part of my day. But maybe I was just unlucky. Maybe you’ll have to create much more items to make it work. Maybe I can just put another few millions into… wait! Let’s do the math.

D3Inferno has a nice database providing me with all possible variables that go into creating a Conquest Sword. Unfortunately the whole item creation process isn’t really well documented, so I’ll have to make a few assumptions to make my third grade math calculations work. But I don’t really mind.

I – The naked sword

A best “naked” Conquest Sword has a max DPS of 216.3 DPS, doing 93-216 Damage with 1.40 Attack per Second. I can work with that.

II – Adding affixes

There’re four affix groups the sword takes its stats from. It looks like it always chooses one damage modificator from “Swing” (with a few exceptions) and one mainstat from “GenericSwingWeapon”. This leaves us with four random affixes. To get maximum DPS (and let’s be honest here – that’s what counts, if you actually want to sell your weapons) we’ll need the “Attacks_Per-Second_Item_Percent” and “Damage_Weapon_Percent_Bonus” mods – as high as possible. At item level 62 the maximum values of those two affixes are 9% and 40%. The highest additional damage we get from “MinMaxDam” or his elemental friends is +224-298 damage.

III – Do the math, Part 1

Thankfully we all know how to calculate weapon DPS in Diablo 3. We take our basic stats and add the additional damage, bringing us to 317 to 514 damage per hit, averaging at 415.5 damage per attack and 581.7 damage per second. Well that’s a fairly small number. Let’s add 40% additional damage to that. Our new sword does 443.8 – 719.6 damage, 581.7 damage per attack and 814.4 dps. Now that’s not too bad. And let’s not forget we got a last ace up our sleeves: increased attack speed. Now, after we add 9% increased attack speed, our final item looks a little like this:

Conquest Sword
887.67 DPS
443.8 – 719.6 Damage
1.526 Attacks per Second 

Ok. That’s cool. It’s not top of its class, but this sword can definitely sell for a few hundred thousand gold on the auction house. Perfect. Let’s visit my blacksmith and… wait! Those stats are for the best possible Exalted Grand Conquest Sword you can craft in Diablo 3. But how high is the chance you’ll actually get those stats on the sword?

IV – Do the math, Part 2

Like already mentioned, we take the Swing and GenericSwingWeapon Affix Groups as a given. This brings us down to four rolls. Ignoring the “ResistFreeze”, “ResistRoot”, “ResistStun” and “ResistStunRootFreeze” groups D3Inferno lists, but I’ve never seen on a weapon, brings us down to 20 possible affix groups on our sword. Now with every roll this group gets smaller, adding up to a 21.71% chance of having one of the two affixes we want (+Damage% and +AttackSpeed%) on our item. But we don’t just want one. If we assume that one affix slot is used by the already present first affix, we get to a 16.71% chance for the second affix to be on our item – and a 3.62% chance that both affixes appear on our item. That’s not so bad. It means that if I craft 1000 items, an average 36 of them will net me around a mill. Let’s go over to my blacksm… I said wait!

V – Do the math, Part 3

It gets more interesting. We all know that Diablo 3 is random times random to the power of random. Here’s the catch: It’s not enough for us to get the two affixes we’re looking for. We want the highest possible roll. So how high’s the chance here? I’ll make it quick. Our chances of getting the best possible roll on the affixes is 3.33% for damage percentage, 5.55% for the attack speed increase and 0.01% (rounded up) for the additional damage. If you multiply those with each other, add Pi and swirl them through a few years of not listening to your math teacher, you end up with the probability of a perfectly rolled Exalted Grand Conquest Sword, which is still only a measly below 900 DPS weapon.

It’s roughly 0.0000006690303% 

There you have it. Bigger than your chances of winning the lottery. So go ahead. Try it. ;)

In Depth Analysis: Cemetery of the Forsaken

After the months I spent running around the first part of Act 1 during the beta I was sure I’d never want to go back there again. Turns out I wasn’t as fed up with it as I thought. That might be partly because this first part is one of the easiest, but also coolest parts of the game. So when I go back to farming Act 1 cause I’m too tired to do harder content or just want to chill, I pay a visit to the “Cemetery of the Forsaken”. Its predictable layout, easy mob types and high ratio of rare and champion packs, makes it one of the finest locations in Diablo 3. Especially, if you’re looking to build up your five stacks of Nephalem Valor, quickly refresh the buff duration after a break or have a few minutes to kill between activities.

I – Welcome to the Cemetery

The layout of the cemetery is always the same. There’re four possible locations for the three crypts you’ll have access to – one in every corner. There’s a high chance of at least one rare pack spawning at the cemetery. If you’re lucky, you’ll get both a champion and a rare pack. As the cemetery’s only inhabitants (except for a few very rare bosses) are skeletons, the pack will always consist of skeletons, which are fairly easy to beat. You can kite them around in a big circle around the gazebo in the center. After you cleared the cemetery, it’s time to check out the crypts. There are four types of crypts you’ll find.

II – The Quest Crypt

There’re two basic layouts for the crypt you’ll be searching for, if you’re trying to assemble Leoric’s crown. They vary a bit, but end either in a horizontal (see screenshot) or vertical doorway. If you’re not questing through Act 1, don’t bother going deeper into the dungeon, after you cleared the first level. Both bosses you’d meet on your way are already dead. After you’re done with the two to four champion packs you’ll find on the first level, simply teleport back to town and use the waypoint to the cemetery again.

III – The Small Crypt

With not much room to navigate, the up to two packs you usually meet in this straight forward layouted crypt can become challenging. The Retched Cadaver’s spit attack, a pack of fast imps with fire chains or Scavengers in every form and flavor can kill you easily, if you’re not careful. You get a teleport stone at the end, which’ll bring you to the cemetery again.

IV – The Event Crypt

Now for the third crypt you can get two different dungeons. On the screenshot above you can see the basic layout for the “Jar of Souls” event crypt. Just like the “Bones of the Matriarch” event you can see below, there’s an achievement connected with it. While touching the jar starts a timed horde mode type event with mobs spawning until the time’s up, the matriarch quest starts after talking to an NPC and touching one of the bowls afterwards. You can cheese the jar event by simply running around in circles, dodging the skeletons until the time’s up. If your build consists of a few evasion skills, you can easily blitz the matriarch by clicking all the bowls in a row and touching the sarcophagus afterwards, ignoring all enemies. In both events the mobs spawned will disappear once the event’s finished.

V – Developer Hell

If you’re running the cemetery for a while, you’ll find a special easter egg the designers implemented. There’s a very rare chance one of the crypts will be the “Developer Hell”. Although you won’t see any champion packs here, it gives you the chance to hang out with the designers of Diablo 3 – and kill them. Almost through, you’ll run into the chief designer Jay Wilson, whose demise won’t just net you a nice feat of strength, but also the fulfillment of kicking the big boss’ ass.

Save 30,000 gold per session in Diablo 3

Repair costs have gone up by a bunch with the new patch and now more than ever, I prefer to chuck back a few more health potions instead of dying and racking up my bill. But at 610 gold a pop those drinks can get expensive pretty fast. Especially if you’re pretty much perma chugging them back like me. But don’t worry. I got you covered. On one of the runs we made through Act 2 we found a guy that hooks you up with primo health potions at half the price. Yeah. That’s right. At 305g per pot you save 30500 gold per stack. Granted – it might not be a fortune, but it adds up. But ’nuff said. Here’s what you do:

Step 1 – Select a quest that gives you most of the waypoints in Act 2 Inferno

Step 2 – Teleport to “Path to the Oasis”

Step 3 – Run east until you find the Rotting Cellar

Now. The part where you can find the Rotting Cellar is a random one – so it might not always be there. It’s either a free space, a Ransacked Cellar or the Rotting Cellar. After a few tries you should get lucky. There are two possible spawns right next to each other. There might be others, but they’ll be harder to look for.


Step 4 – Help Javad the Merchant and get access to his inventory

Another random element here is Javad’s inventory. He only offers Mythic Health Potions half of the time. So like before you might have to try a few more times. Oh and he sells some dyes for half price, too. If that’s your thing.

So that’s it. Do yourself a favor and buy a few stacks and stash them so you don’t have to run back to Javad again tomorrow.

Anatomy of a Diablo 3 run

Those of us who played Diablo back in the days, when internet connections cost a lot of money and things like maphacks seemed totally normal, remember them: boss runs. From endless hours of Meph runs, over to Baal runs, cow level runs, Andariel runs – you name it. With the introduction of the Nephalem Buff and the way loot on champion/rare packs and bosses works it seemed like those days were over. Luckily they’re not. They just changed from being a tedious chore to actually being interesting and challenging.

Why runs?

But why do runs? Why not just start up an Act and play through it? There are a few things that make runs attractive.

Controllable Frame

Aside from the way between the last waypoint to the location of the boss, you pretty much decide on which areas to tackle. And if you encounter a champion pack you don’t like – just move on to another area. You don’t have to bite your way through lots of content or die over and over again. Simply move on to a different waypoint. Another positive side of a run is time. After getting used to a route, you’ll have an idea of how long a certain run will take you. Just have a few minutes of lunchbreak left until you’ll have to go back to work? Do a quick previous content single boss run. Got an hour to kill and a friend to tag along? Go for the normal content 2 boss run. Looking for a challenge and some meaty rewards? Do a progression content run and farm some champs afterwards. It’s your choice.

Maximized Reward VS. Time vs. Fun

There’re other ways to spend your time in Diablo 3. But boss/champion runs are pretty much what the game is build around. If you’re looking for the best way to spend your time, looking for upgrades or stuff to sell in an comprehensible time frame without feeling like having another job – runs are your thing. And they’re a perfect group activity. Not every one of your friends might find the time to play through an Act, but who doesn’t have half an hour for a quick butcher run or two?

Basics of a run

It’s fascinating really how similar all the runs you can do (that actually make sense) are to each other. We’ll go into more details in the next few days, but for now I’ll give you the basic framework every type of Diablo 3 boss run seems to follow.

Step 1 – Find a Boss that’s accessible and killable

Luckily those are most of the bosses in the game. A few of them have random dungeons between the last waypoint and their entrance. Other bosses place you right in front of their crib. Getting used to the area before the boss will give you a feel for the run and after a while you’ll get through them without any orientation problems, instinctively choosing the right way through the area.

Step 2 – Clear the way to the boss

I don’t like to waste time on a run. Fighting more than five packs before visiting the boss might net you a few more items, but if you’re aiming to do those runs as fast as you can, you don’t want that. Most of the times you’ll get a few stacks of Nephalem Valor on your way. Don’t waste those. Clear the way to the boss and teleport back to town. As soon as you got your five buffs later you can use the portal to place yourself in front of the boss again – and hit that Piñata.

Step 3 – Get to an easy to farm area

Play styles vary. While my buddy Sapphirus likes open areas, I’m more of a dungeon guy myself. Different enemies inhabit different areas – presenting you with different flavours of champion packs. Find an area that suits your play style and fill up those NV stacks. Use the waypoint back to town afterwards.

Step 4 – Farm some more

Once you downed the boss you don’t have to stop there. On the contrary. With 1.0.3 and its changes to how rare drops with Nephalem Valor work, boss kills are really secondary to killing champions and rares. If you got some more time to kill go back to areas you haven’t been to before and grab some more shinies.

That’s it for today. In the next few days I’ll show and analyze the most popular runs and add a few thoughts and tips.

Guest Post: Diablo 3 Warden / Butcher runs

I gotta admit that from time to time I’m quite the lousy boyfriend. Especially when it comes to letting my better half write a guest post from my blog. But about two weeks ago she wrote a decent post on one of the first farm runs we did in inferno, so I decided to finally put something of hers up. It just took me like… 2 weeks. If you’re full on progressing through inferno this might be pretty outdated for you, but if you’re new: try this nice and easy two boss run. – cash

We’ve finally gotten into some farming in inferno. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Well – it’s just Act 1 but the route we got is absolutely awesome. Five Stacks of Nephalem Valor and two bosses. And all that in just a few minutes.

You’re probably asking how.

First thing I have to say is, you need at least some equip to get that far. We all know by now, that inferno isn’t the easy-peasy stuff we’ve played through in normal mode. So please keep in mind, that without the proper gear to start you will need longer and it might be a bit harder. And if you die too often, it would make sense to go back to hell and get some better items. But in the end, you need to farm inferno to progress in inferno.

I have to admit, it was all cash’s idea. But hey – that’s what the big boss is good for, right? So here we go.

Start Act 1 with the quest “The Imprisoned Angel” part 2 “The Cursed Hold”

Use your waypoint to the Halls of Agony, Level 2 and start hacking and slaying. Normally you should find two (if you’re lucky three) champion packs on that level. If you really found three of those nasty little bitches go ahead with the questline – no need to waste more time on that level. Time to cross your fingers now so you’ll get the extra quest for killing Dargon.
No loot with this Pack but still one stack for your Nephalem Valor (and Dargon actually gives you some bits and pieces).

Now enter the prison

Good area for kiting your champs – just clear one or two circled routes. You’ll find two to three packs – that finally should add up to five stacks of Nephalem Valor.
Mobs down there are quite slow and easy to kite – so if you don’t have that many hitpoints or damage: be patient. The important thing is to live longer than your opponents.

If your luck doesn’t kick in – this is the moment to use your town portal and the waypoint to the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Yeah – you probably hoped you’d never have to go through those crypts again? But don’t worry. You won’t be here for long. There’s a good chance that you’ll find an Elite on the Cemetary and lots of Champs you can kill inside the crypts.

A little sidenote: Don’t go to Level 2 – it’s faster and easier to start again with the other two crypts. As soon as you’re up to 5 stacks, use the waypoint back into town and you’ll still see your town portal back into the prison.

Time to kill the Warden now. Oh.. don’t forget to collect your loot. Enjoy the moment when you pick up all that useless blue stuff and suddenly – out of the nowhere – something yellow appears. Ok. That was fast and hopefully good loot. And a lot of it. But you can still top that if you go

Down to Level 3 of “Halls of Agony”

And now? Easy thing: Go directly to jail. Do not pass “go”, do not collect… Well i think you get it: Just visit our big friend the butcher and help him to get rid of all his heavy items.

Did i forget something? Do you have good route for Act 2? Leave us a comment.

How to select skills freely in Diablo 3

It’s another month and like clockwork Markco over at the Diablo 3 Goldguide has another one of his Diablo 3 Blogging Carnivals. This time around he’s asking us to answer a question we got from Diablo 3 players. As I’d already planned to cover the topic I’ll be writing about in one of my posts, that one’s a no brainer for me. The question I’ve by been asked (or told about) the most by now is: “Can I choose my character’s skills freely?”

Short answer: Of course you can! To streamline the whole skill thingy, Blizzard introduced the concept of skill categories halfway through the beta.Naturally people were instantly angered by the fact that their choice in skills would be limited by this. What most didn’t see, was that at the same time the Diablo 3 developers introduced an option called “Elective mode”. Elective mode allows you to freely choose which skill goes into which slot. And here’s how you activate it:

I – Press Esc and select “Options”

II – Go to the “Gameplay” tab and check the box “Elective mode”

III – Switch through the categories and choose skills freely

So there you have it. With this little change to Diablo 3 you can have as many mantras on your monk as you want (although you still can only have one active), play your demon hunter without any (or just) hatred generators, have just defensive cooldowns for your barbarian, take all your pets on your witch doctor’s journey, or play your wizard without any secondary spells like Arcane Orb. Especially once you reach Level 60 and don’t want to lose stacks of your “Nephalem Valor” by changing skills, this one might come in handy when creating the perfect all-round build.

As with a lot of things this one seems pretty trivial to people who’ve been playing and following Diablo 3 for some time, but even some of my crewmates didn’t know about this until they started wondering how they could copy builds posted on sites like Diablo 3 Builds. Enjoy the choices this’ll give you.

I actually like creating small guides like this. Do you have questions I could try to answer or stuff you’d like to see small guides about? Leave me a comment.

D3INC – Day 10

What an awesome day. Started late, after I slept in, farmed some Inferno and sent the boys on their way. Cleaned up the apartment and just relaxed and watched some TV after. Spent the evening and night establishing some long-term strategies, setting up some excel sheets and cycling items through the auction house. Sold around a hundred items until now. Found some regular sellers and things are looking up on establishing a regular income.

Downside – Diablo 3 real money auction house got postponed “until it’s done”. Kinda hard to earn money playing Diablo 3, if there’s no real money auction house. But maybe it’s for the best. Let them iron out all the problems, before it might cost people their money.

Although the majority of the “vocal” community seems to be through Hell, reached 60 and is tackling Inferno now, sales figures suggest that most people are in fact still in Normal difficulty, somewhere around level 20, making their way through Act 3 and 4, buying stuff to boost their character stats. I’m excited to see if there’ll be a shift in demand or if there’ll be a constant stream of new people coming in – or at least alts being created. Decided to start tracking commodity prices from tomorrow on to find cycles.

How have your sales been going? Already hit the gold cap? You know how the comment system works. ;)

How to fix the Diablo 3 crafted gem auction house bug

Like I mentioned yesterday, there’s a bug on the auction house that makes posting crafted gems (like lvl9 and above) impossible. The gems show up in your auctions, but don’t show up on searches and people aren’t able to buy them. Luckily, after a day of trying this and that, I found a way to fix the problem.


Here’s what you do:

Step 1 – Buy cheap items with 2 sockets on the auction house

Look for something like “Armor”, “Chest Armor”, “Level 20″, “Magic” and “Has Socket – 2″ and sort by Buyout. Somewhere around page 30 you should find cheap items with sockets. Buy them, send them to your stash and create a game.

Step 2 – Put the gems into the items

Take the items, put 2 gems into them and pay your friendly neighborhood blacksmith a visit. If you have more than two gems of the same type you’ll need to get all of them into sockets before you start salvaging.

Step 3 – Salvage the items

Gems are automatically removed and placed in your inventory, if you salvage an item.

Step 4 – Profit

Congratulations! You beat the Diablo 3 gem bug! You can now put the gems on the auction house. I tested this with Flawless Square Rubies and it worked. Sold them within minutes.

Think this post was helpful? Did I miss something? Feel free to like it, tweet it or leave me a comment.

(Edit 1: After a few people having problems with this I tested a little more. This workaround only seems to work if you use two gems of the same type in an armor with two sockets)

(Edit 2: If you have a stack of more than 2 gems, you’ll have to “hide” all of them in items, before you start salvaging them. If you have some leftovers in your inventory, the whole thing will still be broken)

How to survive Hell in Diablo 3

It’s been a crazy exciting last few days. More and more people are leaving Normal mode behind, kick ass in Nightmare, one by one reach Hell – and get stomped by champions and rares with three affixes. I’ve talked to a lot of people the last few days and one of the things I’ve probably heard the most was “I get permakilled in Diablo 3 Hell difficulty”, so I decided to compile a list of things that might be able to cut your repair bill by a lot. Enjoy!

I – Pimp your companion

In the beginning followers were created as a nice gimmick. But Blizzard reacted to player feedback and made them viable throughout the game. This doesn’t just mean you can actually use them, it means you should. The whole single player balancing was done with followers in mind, so not picking one up puts you at a serious disadvantage.

Pick the right one

Need a bit of tanking and maybe some heals? The Templar is your guy. Going for all out damage? Enlist the Scoundrel. Want some crowd control while you focus fire away? Enchantress it is. Take them for a ride and play around a bit with them. See who fits your style the most.

Keep their equip up to date

It’s easy to forget to upgrade those six extra slots your followers have. Don’t do that. Each of your followers gets his damage through one of the main stats (Templar – Strength, Scoundrel – Dexterity, Enchantress – Intelligence) and you should be able to find some nice pieces for them. In addition to the regular item slots, each of them has a special trinket slot reserved for “follower only” items.

Learn to control them

From pulling a Treasure Goblin, over running with you instead of tanking the boss you’re running away from, to “standing in the fire”. Your followers can be useless idiots. If you learn how to position yourself to get the most out of your follower, you’re one step closer to surviving Diablo 3 Hell difficulty.

II – Get some gear

I know farming is an outdated concept and you’re not used to it. I know you don’t want to play through difficulties and acts you already left. And I feel for you. But Diablo doesn’t care. Diablo feeds off your sweat, swears and tears and gets a cut from every gold piece the repair dude takes from you. Try going back. It’s quite fun to breeze through waves of opponents that just a few hours or days ago spent most of their time dancing on your corpse. Maybe you’re able to add a few pieces of magic find gear, so you get more drops. And if there’s a specific area you really don’t like – skip it. You got the waypoints now.

III – Choose your battles

Hell takes concentration. If you just came from work after along day, or realize you’re spending more time repairing your gear than actually fighting opponents after a few hours of play – take a break. Lean back, relax, then come back. There’re affix/monster combos that can simply break you – every time. You don’t have to beat them all. If you can, just go past them. If not – reload the chapter and hopefully you’ll have more luck. Analyze the battlefield. Maybe you can use the area you’re fighting in to your advantage by blocking or kiting your opponent.

IV – Optimize your style

I won’t go into details here. Skill setups and advanced tactics are for another time. I’m just saying, that if you find something that’s working for you, you should try to optimize it. For me – at the moment – it’s bruteforcing things. I optimized my build to ditch out massive damage, while hoping I’ll survive longer than my opponent. Without realizing, I kept skills that weren’t aiding that strategy, cause I liked them. Don’t fall into that trap. If something doesn’t aid your strategy – change it. With all the runes and spells in Diablo 3, you should be able to find 6 spells that have nice synergies. And if your tactic doesn’t work out? Modify it! Don’t stick to something just cause you want it to work. That’s what the dodos did – try finding them at your local zoo.

V – Ask for help

Talk to other people. Meet new people. Ask them what’s working for them. And if you’re at a total road block – ask them if they can help you out. But please – don’t bug them. Don’t ask to be powered through a few acts, don’t ask for item handouts.The person helping you could be spending his time doing something useful at that moment. Appreciate what he does for you. And don’t ask for help lightly. There’re big chances the person you’re asking managed to pull through Hell all by himself, so give him a good reason to help you – not just your laziness.

I’m sure you’ll be able to beat hell in no time. Just keep in mind that no matter how easy the people already through make it sound, every single one of them got their ass kicked in Hell. It’s supposed to hurt. Just cause I tell someone “Belial isn’t that hard, if you move out of the poison wells”, doesn’t mean I didn’t spend half of the fight waiting for someone to revive me.

Got more questions? Disagree? Totally agree? Why don’t you “like” this post and leave me a comment?